My original concept was ‘rain’ so I started experimenting with fluid simulations when I stumbled upon the ofxFX addon. I did this quick experiment that creates ripples when the cursor moves:

Then I wanted to play around with the particles in 3d space to fully understand how they worked when simulated in a limiting container. I experimented with the ofVec3f class to enable a 3-dimensional vector. I also used ofMesh and ofVbo (vertex buffer object) to draw the walls in 3D space -not sure if it’s the best or easiest way to do it. Note that around second 37 the video shows the mesh of the spheres to demonstrate that they are in fact 3D objects (and not just circles).

Here’s the code: bouncing3D v4

The next step would be to combine both exercises (water and bouncing spheres) to simulate rain in an enclosed space.


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