Llévalos a la escuela (monday’s app)

This is a nice mix between a mobile app, web, and a social goal.

“It’s a story that starts on the web and ends in your mobile”. The first step is to go to llevatelosalaescuela.com, you’ll find all the kids in need of a school.

To help them go to school, download the app (0.79€), run it, and place the position of your mobile as directed by the webpage. Right after that, a child will jump out of the web and land inside your mobile so he can go to school.

Here’s a explanatory video (in Spanish):

I think it’s a lovely idea and the execution is quite beautiful. The site was featured in FWA and generated a lot of buzz in the advertising community. Personally, I’d have liked to see them going one step further. The project doesn’t really show who and where are these kids and what are their specific needs. However, I do understand the simplicity of this piece and perhaps that is precisely its charm. The art direction is lovely and the message is clear enough to be engaging.

Even though the initiative comes from ING and UNICEF, the branding (read: logo placement) is very restrained and not intrusive in the UX and that’s is always nice.


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