Eating Like A Chef. Feb 27. A more graphic approach (WIP)

Based on the opinions received during the paper prototype session and Drew’s feedback, I stepped back a little and see how engaging this app can be. I think that my prior version was working and making sense but I felt it a little bland. Therefore, I decided to have a more graphic approach since food is very visual. Having a map (or a list for that matter) as a first screen was not really appetizing. I want these recommended dishes to enter the user’s eyes and crave one of our recommendations; after all, he/she will eat what a Chef would!

For that reason, I changed my plan of attack. The first screen is a grid of photographs of these recommended dishes ordered by proximity. Since all the dishes are curated by a professional, all dishes cost less than $15, and all restaurants are in a walking distance, any choice they make will be the right one. Clicking on any image of the home screen will take the user to a Detail view with this structure:

  1. Chef Jesse Schenker recommends (displays a small profile pic)
  2. Brussels wafel
  3. @ Wafels & Dinges
  4. Large photo of dish
  5. Tips
  6. Get Directions | Share | Add to favorites

Click on Chef’s name takes the user to Chef’s complete profile photo and information, including background, speciality, his/her restaurant, etc. By clicking on the restaurant’s name or the Get Directions button, the app shows you how to get there. No restaurant profile will be provided since we’re not recommending the whole restaurant, just a very specific dish. Let’s leave that to Zagat or Yelp. The Share button lets users to share their new discovery with friends via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Users can also add their favorite recommended dishes to their favorites in case they want to come back and order it again. The Favorites page is also a photographic grid that functions in the same way as the home screen.

Mockup images and a new paper prototype to come soon.


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