Mobile Media

Mobile Media.

PSAM 5152 – A – Spring 2012
Mondays 6-8:40 – 6E 16th St – Rm 1208

Drew Cogbill
Adjunct Professor
Twitter: @drewcogbill

Dimitri Stancioff
Adjunct Professor
Twitter: @dstancioff

Course Description:

This class will explore design and development for mobile. To frame this exploration, we will work with Apple’s iOS platform.

The goal of this class is: 1. To encourage students to extend their understanding of UX/interaction design to the mobile space 2. To expose students to basic programming skills and environments used for mobile development.

Students will leave the class able to fluently converse about mobile UX and will have a familiarity with the tools used for commercial iOS design and development (Xcode, beta app distribution, versioning software, etc.) Students will not leave this class as masters of iOS development. They will, however, be poised to continue pursuing their interests in mobile development.

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and/or C++, Objective-C, or Open Frameworks.


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