Eat Like A Chef revised

This is a revised version of my Eat Like A Chef app for the iPhone. In the first version, I had a notifications/invitations alert that had no real use. Also, the greatest strength of this app is that the meals featured in this app are recommended/curated by renown Chefs and the app was not displaying this info. This flow chart wasn’t enough to describe the idea.

In the revised version, I removed the unnecesary elements and added a lower menu that allows you to go back to the map, see saved meals/locations, and reed the About page of the app.

In the mockup used in the paper prototype exercise in class, I could find some interest insights from the people that I tested the app with. On the good side, the app is simple and straightforward enough so users don’t have to deal with a lot in their curated-food hunt. The migration from the previous Check-in function to a Favorites/Bookmarks makes the app easier to use since the Share option can perfectly cover the function of Checking-in.


Your thoughts

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