Video projection

Telepresence Balloons
Created by Tobita Hiroaki and his team at Sony, the blimp (which is still nameless) shows a projection of the telepresence-r’s face on a meter-wide balloon. (Hiroaki says his colleagues find talking to such a large floating head “very strange.”) It works generally like all blimps do, powered by a few small propellers located underneath the balloon. It’s controlled remotely, with a webcam on the user’s face updating live, and broadcasts audio through a built-in speaker.

Crown Fountain – Millenium Park, Chicago
Artist Jaume Plensa’s fountain installation in Millenium Park, Chicago, seen on a rainy afternoon, walking around beneath an umbrella. This is a peek at Crown Fountain in a relatively visitor-free moment: many more people gather around and splash in the water when the weather’s nicer.

Texas Big Face – Video Documentation
Texas Big Face is the projection of a persons face onto any object or three dimensional sculpture to transform that object into interactive art. A person positions their face within a jig and their image is captured via camera. The camera is connected to a projector and the image is projected onto a sculpture.


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